Warner's Gail Ellison Promoted to VP, Corporate Administration and Human Resources

Gail Ellison, has been recently promoted to the position of Vice President, carrying the title of Corporate Administration and Human Resources.  Ms. Ellison has been with Warner Construction Consultants, Inc. for twelve years as the Human Resources Director.  With a Master of Science, Human Resources Management degree from the University of Maryland, Ms. Ellison has built her role and standing in the company by balancing the interests of Warner with those of its employees, treating both as her clients, with a unique understanding of the work/life balance. 

Ms. Ellison has been instrumental in streamlining and improving many of Warner’s processes and procedures, while holding several active, professional memberships in both the local and national level of the Society for Human Resources Management.  She is also a member of Lerch Early & Brewer, Chartered, First & Foremost Group, a select body of human resource professionals in the DC Metro area. 

Prior to joining Warner, Ms. Ellison was the HR Manager for the Washington DC office at Hill International, Inc.  As VP of Corporate Administration and Human Resources, payroll, HR and benefits will be consolidated and she will oversee IT, finance and accounting.