Warner’s team has effectively provided Project Management services for award-winning international airport expansion projects, providing Schedule Development & Analysis, and Contracts Administration. Warner has also provided expert analysis of time, costs, and damages as part of our Dispute Resolution Services.   

Dubai International Airport 

The Dubai International Airport Phase II Expansion project provided additional facilities to accommodate the growing airport traffic, which was expected to cater to more than 70 million passengers and 3.5 million tons of cargo per year. The expansion project provided additional buildings, airfield, and ancillary facilities, at a total project cost of roughly $4 billion. Warner prepared an Extension of Time analysis and a developed a Claim for Delays associated with late access, the late delivery of materials, design modifications, and other unforeseen events. Warner’s Construction Claims effort included extensive Program (schedule) Analysis, Progress Monitoring, development of an As-Built Program, and the assessment of an opposing expert analysis. 

Hong Kong Airport  

The award-winning, 5,000,000 square foot terminal, with approximately 70 gates, cost roughly $1.5 billion to construct, and it accommodates more than 36 million passengers yearly through an extensive use of moving walkways and a dedicated subway. Warner was retained by counsel to determine what events and circumstances caused delays to the construction of the terminal, with each quantified separately. The findings were presented in a lengthy mediation that ultimately resulted in a significant settlement for the counsel’s client

Doha International Airport 

Warner was engaged for work on Doha International Airport’s new terminal and expansion project by a large subcontractor responsible for multi-million dollars of work in the airport’s main terminal building. Warner’s Project Management scope included; Consultation and Contract Negotiations, Schedule & Bid Analysis, assistance with local businesses, and Contract & Schedule Administration for the entire project duration. 

Baltimore International Airport 

As Baltimore Washington International Airport commenced construction of a new 360,000 square foot international arrivals and departures concourse, Warner was initially retained to assist in developing a Master Schedule for the project. During the course of construction, significant re-designs of the space frame structures resulted in substantial delay. Warner was then retained to quantify the delays occasioned by those changes and identify the costs associated with each delay. Warner also assisted negotiations that led to a settlement of claims prior to litigation.

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