While time matters at Warner – our people are our most valuable resources. 

Warner has gathered together construction-industry leaders who bring with them unique perspectives that enhance the knowledge and abilities of their colleagues. Dependent upon our clients’ needs, our highly reputable, multinational staff of project managers, schedulers (programmers), architects, engineers, estimators, and litigation experts provide specialized, industry-wide knowledge that is unparalleled throughout the United States—and the world. Below are some of the leaders on our team, emblematic of the excellence Warner brings to each client’s project. 


Peter A. “Tony” Warner

President and Chief Executive Office

Anthony R. “Tony” Manning

Senior VP, Program and Project Management Group

Mason A. Bradshaw

Vice President Project/Development Management

Gail Ellison

VP, Corporate Admin. and Human Resources


            Ruangrote Alec Amaralikit                                                           Robert T Hardison

              Executive Consultant                                                IT LEED AP PMP Managing Consultant