Client Centered Approach

Warner offers independent expertise and discernment to accurately identify, document and analyze every aspect of a project's development and execution.  It is Warner's practice to apply robust and defensible methodology to our analysis, delivering a superior, comprehensive and objective report that documents our findings and expert opinions. 

Armed with this knowledge and the latest top-knotch analytics, we counsel and support our clients in the preparation and execution of dispute and litigation strategies that results in the elimination of significant time and expense.  Please see the list below for Dispute Services offered: 

  • Consulting experts 
  • Testifying experts (including third-party reviews) 

  • Baseline schedule review and analysis 

  • As-built schedule preparation, review and analysis 

  • Cost analysis/damages calculation 

  • Inefficiency/productivity analysis 

  • Demonstrative evidence preparation 

  • Negotiation/ADR/litigation support 

  • Daily specific as-built schedule preparation

  • Identification and quantification of critical delay 
  • Delay causation and responsibility allocation 

  • Time impact and accelerated performance analysis 

  • Extended performance cost analysis 

  • Impacted and accelerated performance cost analysis 

  • Requests for equitable adjustment 

  • Claim preparation and review