Client Centered Approach

Warner offers independent expertise and discernment to accurately identify, document and analyze every aspect of a project's development and execution.  It is Warner's practice to apply robust and defensible methodology to our analysis, delivering a superior, comprehensive and objective report that meticulously documents and supports our findings and expert opinions. 

Armed with this knowledge and the latest high-tech analytics, we counsel and support our clients in the preparation and execution of dispute and litigation strategies that results in the elimination of significant time and expense.  Below is a partial list of Dispute Resolution Services offered by Warner Construction Consultants, Inc. 

  • Expert Consultation

  • Testifying experts (including third-party reviews) 

  • Baseline schedule Review and Analysis 

  • As-Built Schedule preparation, Review and Analysis 

  • Cost Analysis/Damages calculation 

  • Inefficiency/Productivity Analysis 

  • Demonstrative evidence preparation 

  • Negotiation Support

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

  • Litigation support 

  • Identification and quantification of Critical Delay

  • Delay Causation and Responsibility allocation 

  • Time Impact and Accelerated Performance Analysis 

  • Extended Performance Cost Analysis 

  • Impacted and Accelerated Performance Cost Analysis 

  • Requests for Equitable Adjustment 

  • Claim preparation and review

  • Daily specific As-Built Schedule Preparation